The MORFO project stems from a long-date experience gained within the University of Florence in the field of advanced aerodynamic design.

In 1985, the University of Florence started a research project on aerodynamic design, led by Professor Andrea Arnone. The goal was to improve design by taking advantage of the most recent research tools. A large part of this project was focused on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and carried out in conjunction with NASA Langley and NASA Lewis Research centres. During the course of over thirty years, this research group has continuously assisted turbomachinery companies with the design and analysis of turbines and compressors.

Today, MORFO comes up as a spin-off of University of Florence, with the aim of expanding the research activity in the field of aerodynamic design to new areas of interest. While the academic group carries on assisting industry with the aerodynamics of turbines and compressors, MORFO is devoted to explore new fields. MORFO has a twofold mission within the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): on the one hand, it will help big companies to face the ongoing revolution of additive manufacturing, taking full advantage of a “design for additive” CAE approach; on the other hand, it is committed to transfer the experience gained in the aeronautical and energy sectors to a variety of companies which exploit lower-level aerodynamic components, such as fans, blowers, and pumps.

MORFO was founded in 2018 by four PhDs in energy engineering, senior research fellows at University of Florence, with a solid background on aerodynamic design of turbomachines.


Filippo Rubechini

Business Manager

Mechanical engineer, PhD in energy engineering. 18 years’ experience on aerodynamic design of turbines and compressors. Broad expertise in aerodynamics and CFD analysis.

Matteo Checcucci

Technology Manager

Mechanical engineer, PhD in energy engineering. 10 years’ experience on radial turbomachines. IT expert, with a broad knowledge on HPC architectures and cluster management.

Matteo Giovannini

R&D director

Mechanical engineer, PhD in energy engineering. 10 years’ experience on aeronautical turbines. CFD expert, he has contributed to the development of the CFD flow solver of the university group.

Juri Bellucci

Administrative manager

Mechanical engineer, PhD in energy engineering. 10 years’ experience on optimization methods applied to the aerodynamic design of turbomachines.